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Remote Extended Care Management

Seniors Home Services is your comprehensive resource, offering everything a physician, patient and their family need


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Jim is the Founder & CEO of Seniors Home Services, an innovative technology-fueled services company focused on improving patient outcomes, particularly in the senior market, allowing them to “Age in Place”.

During his decade of overseeing caregiver services to seniors, Jim found that patient outcomes are significantly improved when a plan of care includes programs for improving cognition, balance, and coordination, plus home modifications to eliminate fall hazards, and technology-based programs that help physicians keep their patients out of hospitals and living at home, safely, comfortably and in good health for as long as possible.

Jim Bland, CEO

Before joining Jim Bland in the creation of Seniors Home Services, Bruce had been a C-Level executive for a number of $100 million companies, including a consumer-based marketing company and a privately owned educational institution. He brings with him the experience of having grown a 20-year-old company that had stagnated at $76 million revenue for three years straight to $108 million in his first full year.

Like many SHS executives, he also brings experience of older family members whose lives would have been made so much better had SHS existed when they needed it.

Bruce Turiansky, EVP & CMO

Kevin Kavanagh, CFO

Kevin is an intuitive, strategic and operationally-focused CFO who is a trusted advisor across our C-suite and executive team, having provided strong financial leadership for developing business strategies for short and long-term impact within startup, turnaround and fast growth environments. Respected for ability to objectively identify, analyze and resolve critical issues impacting financial and/or operational reliability and stability.  Foster collaboration and win the trust of internal and external stakeholders across multi-national, publicly and privately-held companies and PE-backed organizations. Extensive experience within manufacturing environments for multi-national, multi-site, privately held companies.

Named one of Baltimore's Top CFO's by Smart CEO Magazine.

Ben Smith, COO

With an early career focused on software design, data engineering, network topology, IT security, and data center design, Ben is a marketing and technology executive with three decades of measurable success. Though he left the IT space to join us, Ben continues to utilize his background to help operations reduce time, increase effective communication styles, and automate tasks so his team can focus on customer care. 

Ben established a well-respected reputation in the industry by identifying key talent, consultants, and strategic partnerships. He adds value to all projects and roles by developing trusted relationships. He believes in corporate culture and strives to cultivate a workplace environment that exceeds expectations and attracts and retains talent.

Elizabeth Healy, CIO

Elizabeth Healy's professional journey is deeply rooted in her early experiences within a family business, a setting where the advantages of modern technology were not yet accessible. This unique background ignited her lifelong fascination with technological evolution and its transformative potential. As an adult, Elizabeth harnessed technology to enhance customer service processes, operational training, and business development. Her comprehensive approach, which involves understanding goals from the ground up, enables her to assist our organization in achieving our objectives efficiently.


Elizabeth's expertise in crafting processes and integrating multiple technology platforms has been pivotal in driving growth, improving efficiency, and reducing costs for our company.

I find immense fulfillment in working with seniors, drawing from a lifelong commitment to protecting the vulnerable. Having served in the Coast Guard specializing in search and rescue missions, I've dedicated my entire life to ensuring the safety and well-being of others. Seniors, with their rich experiences and unique needs, hold a special place in my heart.


My passion is fueled by a profound respect for their journey, and I am driven to create environments where they can thrive with security and independence. It's not just a job for me; it's an ongoing mission to honor and safeguard those who have contributed so much to our communities.

Bill Bouvier

National Sales Director

Walter Clews

Senior Account Executive 

Walter, an experienced business owner and entrepreneur in his own right, recently reunited with his former mentor Jim Bland (SHS' CEO) in a venture focused on senior care. This new path, diverging from his forty-year career, has been transformative.


Walter is now deeply involved in addressing the challenges within the healthcare system, particularly for seniors. This role, marked by the potential to significantly impact senior care, has given Walter a profound sense of accomplishment, surpassing his previous business achievements. He is highly content with his decision to join this meaningful journey.

Kaitlin Greenwood

Support Center Manager

Joining SHS was a natural step for Kaitlin, driven by a personal and educational journey that deepened her commitment to making a positive impact. Having witnessed her father navigate retirement with health challenges, and ultimately experiencing his passing in 2020, Kaitlin became acutely aware of the gaps in available support. Motivated by the desire to spare others from a similar experience, Kaitlin is dedicated to leveraging SHS's diverse solutions. She believes that, had she known about these resources earlier, her father's rapid decline could have been better monitored and intervened all while providing support where needed. 

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